• Moore, A.S. & Shepard, L.H. (2014). Myasthenia gravis vs. guillain-barré syndrome what’s the difference? Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! 12 (4). 21-30.
  • Initial Discussion Post:
    Select one (1) of the following Nursing Diagnoses: Impaired Spontaneous Ventilation Impaired Swallowing Care Giver Role StrainAddress the following: Is the nursing diagnoses that you selected appropriate for the patient with a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis, Guillain-Barre syndrome or both?  Explain your answer. Provide an outcome for the nursing diagnosis that you selected making sure that is specific to the needs of the patient with myasthenia gravis or Guillain-Barre syndrome. Identify two (2) interventions that will help your patient with myasthenia gravis or Guillain-Barre syndrome reach the outcome for the nursing diagnosis.
     350 words minimum APA format in text citation

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