A family health assessment looks at functional, developmental, and socio-economic perspectives, as spelled out in the following list. In a Word document, use the points in the list to write a 1-3 page nursing assessment of a family in your home community.
Your family health assessment should include the following two parts:
Part 1
Family structure, characteristics, and dynamics
Socio-economic, roles, community relationships, and cultural characteristics
Home and environment, including access to social structures, transportations, health care, and other services
Health status of family members and health behaviors, including a historical perspective
Health promotion practices, behaviors, values and use of preventive measures, modalities, treatments, and services
Part 2
Present your evaluation of the family’s health (1-2 paragraphs)
Present a nursing plan for this family that targets intervention and health promotion and prevention (1-2 paragraphs)
Provide a list of at least four recommended resources for any community health professional working with this family in your project community.
Be sure to properly cite any outside research sources.

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