The purpose of this assignment is to identify more specific factors related to the gap in patient care in the organization you identified in Unit 3. Conducting a SWOT analysis is a way to thoroughly investigate the current position of the organization. The SWOT analysis will also help inform your preliminary recommendations for multidisciplinary approaches and relevant leadership theories that could help in successfully addressing your quality improvement goal.
Create a SWOT analysis in which you:
Identify those factors or forces from your gap analysis that influence quality improvement in nursing or health care.
Create a SWOT analysis table. (SWOT is: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). This will tell you what might impede achievability of your goals and objectives.
Relate or explain how your findings for each area of your SWOT analysis are relevant to the success of the quality improvement goal from your gap analysis and organization as a whole.
Explain resources based on your SWOT analysis that would help in implementing your quality improvement goal.
Recommend multidisciplinary approaches for quality improvement.
Recommend leadership theories that could help successfully implement a quality improvement goal.
Explain how to use recommended leadership theories to help guide decision making as you transition from a quality improvement goal to a quality improvement plan.

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