You are an informatics nurse specialist working in a healthcare organization that is merging with another organization of comparable size. As a result of the merger, funds have been designated to offer services to underserved populations in a satellite facility that is supported by remote technology. You are to lead the project committee in migrating to a common health information system that meets current regulatory requirements.
Write a scholarly paper in which you do the following:
Reference threesources in your paper from academic, professional journals or websites or governmental resources that have been written within the past five years.
Analyze the technology necessary to meet the federally mandated requirements that will affect the merged healthcare organizations in the given scenario.
Describe your project committee by doing the following:
Identify four essential interdisciplinary team members to be on the project committee, including each team member’s position in the organization.
Describe the role each team member identified in part A3a will play in migrating to the common health information system.
Explain why the expertise of each team member identified in part A3a is necessary for the success of this project.k4. Describe why interoperability is important to healthcare delivery.
Explain why standardized nursing terminology is important to use when capturing nursing-specific data.
Identify two recent federal regulatory requirements that support health information technology
Describe two components of the new system in the scenario that meet the federal regulatory requirements from part A5.
Discuss potential security threats to the health information system.
Identify two essential system features designed to ensure the protection of patient privacy.
Describe industry standards for protecting data integrity and for mitigating risks that safeguard health information systems.
Consider the implications of current and emerging technologies by doing the following:
Describe two nonclinical applications of emerging technology designed to support communication with remote satellite facilities.
Describe two clinical applications of emerging technology designed to support the assessment and delivery of patient care in remote satellite facilities.

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