M6A1 Critical Review: When Faculties Merge—Communicating Change There is rarely a one-size-fits-all approach to change; although, there are several guidelines that appear universal to the process. Regardless of the approach you chose, always maintain a balanced perspective, which is important as you manage and monitor change. This exercise is intended to offer you a balanced view to conventional top-down accounts of how senior managers manage change in their organizations. Begin by accessing the Excelsior College Library to find reliable and scholarly articles related to this assignment to expand upon the key topics. Write and submit a critical review of approximately 250–300 words. Make sure to follow the APA style (6th edition) for writing and include at least one relevant citation for your submission. Include the following: • Examine the differences in change strategies and management between senior management and first-line management. • Offer an example of what is considered a balanced approach to change, such as striving for a sense of urgency but also providing guidance and assistance so that employees move gently and confidently through the process. References Stonehouse, D. (2013). The change agent: the manager’s role in change. British Journal Of Healthcare Management, 19(9), 443-445 3p.

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