Find a short news or online article that has been recently published (within the current month) that addresses healthcare reform in the United States.   Write a 350- to 700-word summary that describes the issue and its impact on the health industry and society as a whole.   Consider the following:

  • What is the article about?
  • Does the article provide a national or global perspective about the issue?
  • Does the information presented in the article affect you or people you know? Explain.
  • Does the article make any claims about possible solutions or responses to the issue?
Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines.     CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO DOWNLOAD RESPECTIVE WEEK’s ASSIGNMENT   HCS 490 Week 1 Changing Landscape of Health Care   HCS 490 Week 1 Current Article Summary   HCS 490 Week 1 Product Review   HCS 490 Week 2 Case Study Comparisons   HCS 490 Week 2 Current Article Summary   HCS 490 Week 2 Product Remarketing Activity   HCS 490 Week 3 Community Mailer   HCS 490 Week 3 Summary   HCS 490 Week 3 Current Article Summary   HCS 490 Week 4 Communication Strategy   HCS 490 Week 4 Health Care Access Options   HCS 490 Week 4 Current Article Summary   HCS 490 Week 5 Conversation Starter   HCS 490 Week 5 Marketing Strategy   HCS 490 Week 5 Current Article Summary]]>

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