1.  In your own words and using the proper evidence-based references please define the following terms;

a.  Community health nursing

b.  Community based nursing

c.  Population focus care

d.  Public Health nursing

2.  Discuss any relationship between Community health nursing and Public Health Nursing and mention and discuss any relationship between both terms.

3.  Discuss the concept of community assessment and why is the purpose of it and how  beneficial it is for the community health nurse.

4.  Mention and discuss at least 2 community health frameworks/models.

Assignments must be presented in an APA format, word document, Arial 12 font attach the forum in the discussion board call “week 1 discussion questions”.  A minimum of 2 evidence-based references must be cited according to APA and  two replies to any of your peers posting sustained with the proper references are required.    A minimum of 500 words excluding the first and references page are required.

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