Your final paper will be due by December 12th before 5pm to the correct drop box on D2L. Points will be deducted for late papers. One point will be deducted each day your paper is late. No late papers will be accepted after 5pm on Friday December 16th and you will receive a zero on the assignment. Your paper should be two-four pages in length. Points will be taken off if it is not. This means that your paper must be at least two full pages long, but not more than four. You should have a separate title page and at least two full pages of text. It should be typed, 1.5 line spacing, 12 point font, 1 inch margins and each area should be addressed fully. To receive an A on the paper, you must demonstrate that you have taken the time to address fully each area of the paper and that you have reflected thoughtfully about each aspect. Papers should be free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. Both your paragraph and final paper are to be submitted to the appropriate D2L Drop box as a Microsoft word file. No papers will be accepted in PDF format.

Here are the areas you should address in your paper and the points available for each aspect. There are seven areas that must addressed.

  1. 1)  Start with an introductory paragraph. 1pt
    1 = Thorough introduction 0 = Incomplete or missing introductory paragraph
  2. 2)  Describe the group of people about whom you are writing and the potential bias you think you might have towards them. Specifically describe some of the biases that you hold. What are your beliefs about this particular group of people? 3pts

    3 = Fully addressed, biases identified and clearly described 2 = Addressed all questions but not fully, not clearly described, too brief. 1 = Failed to address all questions asked either briefly or fully. 0 = Section not addressed

  3. 3)  Describe why you think you hold this opinion. What experiences, or lack thereof, have you had that may have led to this bias? What has influenced your beliefs, such as your family, your peers, your church, your community, or the media? Is it a long-held belief or fairly recent? 3 pts

    3 = Fully addressed all areas, experiences and origination of bias clearly described. 2 = Addressed all questions but not fully, not clearly described, too brief. 1 = Failed to address all questions, either briefly or fully. 0 = Section not addressed

  4. 4)  Describe how this bias could have a negative effect on a health care encounter. What assumptions might you bring to the encounter? How could those assumptions influence the type of care that you might provide? 3pts

    3 = Fully addressed, clearly described potential negative impacts. 2 = Addressed all questions but not fully, too brief or failed to reflect on potential negative impacts. 1 = Failed to address all questions, either briefly or fully. 0 = Section not addressed


  1. 5)  Use the Campinha-Bacote model to come up with a personal plan for how to address this issue. You will receive an article describing the model and we will review it and discuss it in class. You must include and address all aspects of the model. You should specifically define each aspect of the model and describe specific strategies that you will use for each aspect of the model to increase your ability to care for the group of people against whom you recognize holding a bias. 10pts

    10 = Addressed all five model aspects fully 5 = Addressed all model aspects but not fully 9-6 = Some model aspects addressed fully but not all 4-1 Some model aspects addressed but not fully 0 = Section not addressed

  2. 6)  End with a concluding paragraph.2pts.

    2 = Fully addressed, thorough summation of paper. 1=Addressed but not fully, too brief. 0 = Section not addressed

  3. 7)  Following guidelines for formatting, page length, font, spelling etc. 3pts

    4 = No errors in formatting, all areas addressed 3 – 1 = minor errors in one or more aspects or an aspect not addressed 0 = Major errors throughout or not following any of the guidelines.

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