Please see questions below and provide brief answers in numerical order please. Thanks. The link for Exhibit 7.9 is attached.
Chapter 7
1.Research the role of Nurse Practitioner on a credible website. Explain the qualifications and experience necessary to fill this role. Cite your source.
2.Describe how the long-term need for nurses is determined and the shift-by-shift variation in need accommodated.
3.Safe practices: What is the role of the National Quality Forum (NQF) in developing guidelines for safe nursing practices? Refer to Exhibit 7.9 to identify examples of nursing practices that contribute to improved quality and safety. How would the NQF be able to influence organizations and their nurses to use its guidelines?
Chapter 8
1.Explain the relationship between the HCO Manager and the CSS.
2.Explain how the long-range planning for CSS is ultimately the responsibility of the governing board, and what is appropriate CSS participation?
3.How does an excellent organization address the issue of CSS scheduling delays and coordinating patients’ tests and treatment?

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