Select a question that interests you from the list below, and address it in a paper that is at least 10 pages in length. You may also propose to your instructor an alternative question.
1. Describe how one or more psychological defense mechanisms operate to cause or perpetuate the environmental crisis, using your personal observations/experience, literature, or examples from public knowledge. This is an opportunity to explore the topic of Discussion 2 in greater depth.
2. How can a therapy practice be influenced by environmental awareness? What would be the benefits for the client? for the therapist? for the planet? What would be the risks involved? the ethical issues? (You do not have to address all these questions).
3. Explore the ways that a person?s living environment can cause physical or psychological harm (as in a polluted section of town) or healing. Though you are welcome to include personal reflections, be sure you also emphasize concrete evidence, or the readings for this course, or both.

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