• Introduction and background of the research paper
  • Stakeholders interested in the study
  • Challenges in the long-term care continuum
  • Impact of the challenges on the long-term care system (specifically on staffing, funding, and regulation)
  • Recommendations to address the challenges
  • Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format.   Choose one topic The list of topics for Week 2-Assignment 2: You may choose an article that discusses LTC (long term Care) issues or that relates to one of the following topics below: 1- How public policy has been used to improve the lives of our older adults or LTC residents 2- What is the impact of the continuum of care? 3- Measuring Client experiences in LTC facilities 4- The advantages and disadvantages of Financing LTC 5- Ergonomics for LTC professionals]]>

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